Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Sascha Henke

Sascha Henke

Prof. Sascha Henke
0E 116
(040) 6541-3351
Visiting Address
Campus Nord
Deutsche Rentenvers. Nord
Friedrich-Ebert-Damm 245
22159 Hamburg
Postal Adress
Fakultät für Maschinenbau
Professur für Geotechnik
Postfach 70 08 22
22008 Hamburg

Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Henke studied civil engineering and environmental technology from 2000-2005 at the TU Hamburg-Harburg, where he subsequently also recieved a doctorate and habilitated at the institute for geotechnics and construction operation with Prof. Grabe. Following his scientific education, Prof. Henke was first employed at the GuD Geotechnik and Dynamik Consult GmbH in Berlin as a project manager and general agent, bevor he took over the management of BBI Geo- and Umwelttechnik Ingenieursgesellschaft in Hamburg in 2016, when they were integrated in the network of GuD-offices.

Prof. Henke is a member of several work-shops of the DGGT, VDI, and ISSMGE and is concerns himself among others with the topics of soil dynamics as well as nummerical methods in geotechnics.

A detailed curriculum vitae with further information (german) can be viewed here.

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Curriculum Vitae Prof. Henke

Areas of research

The following areas of interest are the main focus of Prof. Henke:

  • application and development of nummerical methods in geotechnics
  • problems with large-scale deformation in geotechnics
  • soil dynamics (especially questions of soil dynamics)
  • meassurment techniques in geotechnics
  • BIM in geotechnics
  • offshore-geotechnics

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