Head Laboratory Engineer: André Vogel

Materials technician: Christoph Allroggen

Laboratory equipment

Abrasive Test Machine (LCPC)

  • Abrasive Test machine (LCPC-Device) for the analysis of coarse grain material (abrasive wear on construction tools according to NF P18-579:2013 and ÖVB-Merkblatt 2013)


  • Calcimeter for the determination of the lime (CaCO3) content of soil

Unconfined Compressive Strength

  • Device for the unconfined compression test (according to DIN EN ISO 17892-7:2018)

ENSLIN device

  • ENSLIN device for determining the water adsorption capacity and water binding capacity of a clay.

Consistency limits

  • Equipment for finding the shrinkage limit, the plastic limit of a cohesive soil and determination of liquid limits according to Casagrande (ATTERBERG 1911; DIN EN ISO 17892-12) as well as by cone penetrometer (DIN EN ISO 17892-6 or BS 1337-2)

Various vane apparatuses

  • Laboratory vane apparatus: Shear vane tester (Special equipment, self-constructed), for the determination of shear strength in water-saturated, undrained, cohesive, and organic soil
  • Field vane apparatus


  • GeoTribometer (special equipment, self-constructed) for the determination or estimation of friction forces between soil and metal surfaces

Grain size distribution

  • Grain size distribution (according to DIN EN ISO 17892-4):
    • Sedimentation analysis
    • Dry and wet sieving

3D laser scanner HandySCAN 70

  • 3D laser scanner HandySCAN 70 (touchless determination of sample volumes)

Muffle furnace

  • Muffle furnace for the determination of loss on ignition (DIN 18128)

Pull-out drag test cell

  • Pull-out drag test cell (according to recommendations of RILEM TC, 1994; for the determination of maximal drag till pull out failure of concrete reinforcement; special equipment; self-constructed). An external drag test frame is required.

Resonant column

  • Resonant column measurement setup by GDS INSTRUMENTS (determination of shear modulus)

Shaker APS-420

  • Shaker APS-420 for the investigation of oscillating systems

Bulk densities

  • Test procedures according to DIN 18126; Density of non-cohesive soil in maximum and minimum compaction

Shearbase System GDS

  • 1 Shearbase system from GDS Instruments

Dynamic triaxial test DYNTTS from GDS

  • 1 automatic triaxial test system for DYNTTS-experiments (from GDS)
    • dynamic load up to 5 Hz
    • Load range up to 10 kN
    • Sample diameter up to 100 mm
    • Cell pressure range up to 1 MPa
Laboratory equipment
Electro mechnical triaxial test system DYNTTS

Automatic triaxial test (static) ADVTAS from GDS

  • 2 automatic triaxial stands from GDS
    • static load range up to 10 kN
    • sample diameter up to 100 mm
    • cell pressure range up to 1 MPa

Determination of water permeability

  • Cell for determination of water permeability of cohesionless soil (according to DIN EN ISO 17892-11)

Oedometer stands

  • Oedometer (incremental load compression test according to DIN EN ISO 17892-5) for the determination of stress-strain-behaviour:
    • 4 x automatic oedometer system from GDS Instruments (sample diameter up to 63,5 mm)
    • 2 x experimental stand manual system with dead load (sample diameter up to 71,4 mm)


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