Digital Governance and Administration (DiGA) (M.A.)

The digital transformation is bringing about profound changes for the state and public administration. The interdisciplinary master’s program in Digital Governance and Administration (DiGA) enables students to grasp, analyze and develop fields of activity in the public sector, taking into account the changing context and opportunities created by the digital transformation.


The new English-language master’s program “Digital Governance and Administration (DiGA)” focuses on the interactions between people, information technology/data and organizations that underpin the process of digital transformation. DiGA offers a unique interdisciplinary academic education that prepares students for responsible positions in public administration and enables them to actively shape the digital transformation of the public sector.

By combining social science modules from business administration and political science with technological modules from computer science and data science, students are fully prepared for the current and future challenges of the public sector. In addition, the master’s program offers individual specialization paths: A wide range of electives allows students to develop an individual profile that matches their specific interests and professional goals.

New at the HSU/UniBw H for DiGA: Prof. Dr. Maximilian Heimstädt, Prof. Dr. Sylvia Veit and Prof. Dr. Ricardo Büttner

As an interdisciplinary and non-consecutive master’s program, DiGA is aimed at graduates from across the economic and social sciences (e.g. political science, business administration, economics, public administration, business informatics, educational science) and offers an interesting alternative to a consecutive master’s program.

In addition to graduates of the HSU/UniBw H and the UniBw Munich, soldiers leaving the military can also study at the HSU/UniBw H as part of the BFD.

Employees of other federal ministries, authorities and institutions may also be admitted on the basis of cooperation agreements, provided that there are free places and the costs are covered.

Information on admission requirements

For questions regarding the content of the program, please contact:
Prof. Dr. Maximilian Heimstädt
+49 40 6541 4563
[email protected]

Information about the DiGA program

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