May 12 2022

Call for papers EGPA 2022

The call for papers for the annual conferene of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) is still open! Here you can find call for the Permanent Study Group 'Welfare State Governance and Professionalism'.
Apr 29 2022

New Publication

Klenk, Tanja/ Antonowicz, Dominik/ Geschwind, Lars/ Pinheiro, Rómulo/ Pokorska, Anna: Taking women on boards: a comparative analysis of public policies in higher education, Policy Reviews in Higher Education,
Mar 25 2022

Blog-Post – The German health system in an international comparison

Germany has a comparatively good supply of hospital beds. But the pandemic has shown that this is no guarantee of an adequate crisis response. A contribution by Mirella Cacace and Tanja Klenk. The corona pandemic, this is obvious, works as a magnifying glass on the performance of our healthcare system,…
Mar 03 2022

New Publication – WSI-Mitteilungen 1/2022 special issue “Struggles for participation and influence: The representation of weak interests in the welfare state”

Reforms of the welfare state, their prerequisites and effects are a frequently discussed topic. Relatively little attention is paid to the question of which and whose interests are heard at all in the socio-political reform discourse and how they can assert themselves This focus issue represents this underexposed aspect in…
Jan 17 2022

New Publication

Klenk, Tanja (2021): „Digitale Daseinsvorsorge – Voraussetzung für soziale und kulturelle Teilhabe im 21. Jahrhundert“, in: Blank, Florian/Schäfer, Claus/Spannagel, Dorothee (Hg.): Die Grundsicherung weiterdenken, Bielefeld: transcript, 155-170. Further information you can find here.
Dec 23 2021

New Publication

Klenk, Tanja (2021): Review of ‘Public Administration in Germany, edited by Sabine Kuhlmann, Isabella Proeller, Dieter Schimanke & Jan Ziekow’, dms – der moderne staat 14 (2), 512ff. Further information you can find here.
Dec 21 2021

New Publication

Berzel, Alex/Klenk, Tanja (2021): „Metagovernance in the Social Investment State – Lessons from the German Case“, in: Pinheiro, Rómulo/Trondal, Jarle (eds.): Organising and Governing Governmental Institutions, Essays in honour of Dag Ingvar Jacobsen, Bergen: Fagbokforlaget, 177-199. Further information you can find here.
Nov 30 2021

New Publication

Klenk, Tanja/Ettelt, Stefanie/Cacace, Mirella (2021): “Der öffentliche Gesundheitsdienst in der Corona-Krise: zwischen Hierarchie, loser Koppelung und polyzentrischer Koordination”, dms – der moderne staat 14 (2),
Sep 09 2021

EGPA 2021

The program of EGPA conference is out! You can download the program for the Permanent Study Group XX Welfare State Governance and Professionalism here.
Aug 19 2021

New Publication

Bogumil-Uçan, Simon & Klenk, Tanja (2021): Varieties of health care digitalization: Comparing advocacy coalitions in Austria and Germany, Review of Policy Research 38 (4), 478-503. DOI: