Diasporic News Production

Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Arnd-Michael Nohl

The basic question of this study is how the Turkish radio staff selects, produces, restructures and translates news (both on Turkey and the world) for its audiences in Turkey and the world? Selecting, producing, restructuring and translating of news presumably is a highly complex process in which British, global, and Turkish perspectives and meaning are continuously negotiated (albeit this negotiation might be rather implicit). This process involves questions of several kinds:

  • Linguistic translation: Choosing the right semantics etc.
  • Intercultural pedagogy: How can one introduce news from other parts of the world to an audience who is strange to them, how can one make idiosyncratic topics understandable to Turkish audiences?
  • Media pedagogy: How does one have to contextualise news so that they are understandable, how is the intellectual level of the   audience taken into account?
  • Education for cosmopolitanism: Does the BBC Turkish Radio see its mission in educating its audiences toward a more globalized, cosmopolitan perspective on the world?

The process of selecting, producing, restructuring and translating global and Turkish news should not be abstracted from the social location of the staff of the Turkish radio. The staff of the BBC Turkish radio in its majority constitutes of people born and raised in Turkey who work in London for a shorter or longer period. Hence the staff itself is diasporic. As diasporic news people they are especially predestined for negotiating British, global and Turkish perspectives. In a way they constitute an insider’s voice from the outside.

This project is financed as an individual project within the programme “Tuning In: Diasporic Contact Zones at BBC World Service” (Prof. Dr. Marie Gillespie), financed by the AHRC Diasporas, Migration and Identities Research Programme.

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