Chair for Education Science, especially Systematic Education Science

Prof. Dr. Arnd-Michael Nohl

The chair is dedicated to the systematic study of educational issues. Research is conducted on various pedagogically relevant subject areas (from the materiality of education, political education and socialization, transformative learning, and migration to the organization of school curricula). These analyses are characterized by a specific approach to the subject matter, in which theoretically grounded basic concepts are systematically combined with empirical analyses. On the one hand, pragmatism, praxeological sociology of knowledge, organizational and other theories in the sense of relational-praxeological thinking in educational science are used; on the other hand, different qualitative data are collected and analyzed with the Documentary Method. In addition to subject-related analyses, the development of basic theoretical concepts and empirical-reconstructive methodology is also central. As regards teaching, students learn this approach in an exemplary manner – using a wide variety of pedagogically relevant subject areas.

Arnd-Michael Nohl is committed to opposing the conversion of Helmut Schmidt University into a Military Security Area.

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