Public Procurement and Contract Law (LL.M.)

Faculty: Economics and Social Sciences
Degrees: Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Duration of study: 6 trimesters
Programme requirements: As a postgraduate degree programme, the Public Procurement and Contract Law degree programme builds on a degree previously obtained by students: The degree required for admission to the programme is a university degree in law with the First State Examination in Law or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in law with at least 240 ECTS credit points from a university. By way of exception, a Master’s degree obtained in another university degree programme also satisfies the requirements if coursework and examinations in the field of law amounting to at least 60 ECTS credit points have been acquired in the course of this degree programme and evidence of relevant professional experience of at least one year (excluding training periods) in procurement or public administration is also provided.
Language of study: German
Start of programme: every two years at the beginning of October

Programme description

The Public Procurement and Contract Law degree programme is a part-time Master’s degree programme. The aim of the programme is to provide students with an academic understanding of legal fields and interdisciplinary approaches as well as a special qualification and professional skills in the field of public procurement. As part of the programme, students acquire the ability to survey and understand the system of national, European and international procurement and contract law. They are put in a position to independently analyse special applications and contexts scientifically and to draft and negotiate corresponding contracts. In doing so, they are trained in scientific thinking and working and at the same time for later professional practice.

The degree programme qualifies students in particular to:

  • Legal organisation of procurement processes
  • Project planning of standardised procurement procedures
  • Preparation of draft contracts
  • Independent drafting of atypical contract constellations
  • Assessment and management of legal and economic risks in the context of public procurement
  • Preparation and management of relevant legal disputes
  • Categorisation and processing of complex legal problems in the context of public procurement

Programme structure

The Public Procurement and Contract Law degree programme is modularised and comprises 60 credit points. The programme focuses on the areas of national, European and international public procurement law as well as the basics of budgetary law and public pricing law.
public pricing law. Another focus is on deepening knowledge of contract law with an emphasis on contract design with particular consideration of the areas of law relevant to public procurement – for example antitrust law, transport law, licence contract law or European and international commercial law. In addition to these modules from the core subject of law, there are modules from the subjects of administrative sciences, business administration and psychology. The modules are divided into compulsory and compulsory elective modules.

Compulsory modules:

  • Fundamentals of public procurement law
  • Fundamentals of contract law
  • Budget law and pricing law, budget management, finance and accounting
  • International procurement and contract law
  • Procurement procedures and contract design in application
  • Project planning

Compulsory elective modules:

  • Negotiation psychology
  • Construction procurement law
  • Public procurement law
  • State aid law
  • Antitrust law
  • patent law

The degree programme is divided into a basic phase (1st study phase) and a specialisation phase (2nd study phase).

The programme consists of both block courses in attendance and self-study phases. In the first 15 months of the degree programme, face-to-face teaching is offered in a total of 16 weeks at the HSU in Hamburg. In order to take account of professional requirements and the compatibility of family and career, the classroom teaching in these weeks generally takes place from Wednesday to Friday. For the attendance phases, a leave of absence from work is required on the part of the employer. The courses are held on the main campus of the HSU and on the North Campus. The North Campus is located about 3 kilometres from the main HSU campus. Some of the law professorships are located on the North Campus and, like the main campus, it also offers a good infrastructure for part-time block week teaching. Guided self-study phases are provided in numerous modules between the attendance phases. The opportunities offered by the ILIAS learning platform, among others, are utilised for this purpose. The last nine months of the programme are dominated by writing the Master’s thesis. During this time, attendance in Hamburg will be required by individual arrangement for supervision purposes and to complete a colloquium.


Participation in the Public Procurement and Contract Law course is only possible within the framework of cooperation between the Helmut Schmidt University and departments of the Federal Ministry of Defence and – if free capacities are available – also other ministries and subordinate departments. The application and selection of candidates is carried out by the respective employers. These send the students to study at HSU if they fulfil the necessary admission requirements. It is not possible to apply directly to Helmut Schmidt University.

Student counselling/contact

Student counselling is carried out by members of the academic department under the responsibility of the faculties.

Dean of Studies
Prof. Dr iur. Christian Ernst
Telephone: 040 6541-3871
E-mail: [email protected]

For general questions about the degree programme and cooperation opportunities with HSU:

Astrid Strüßmann
Phone: 040 6541-3855
E-mail: [email protected]

Susanne Killus
Phone: 040 6541-3652
E-mail: [email protected]

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