Examination Office/Study Administration Office

The staff of the Examinations Office/Study Administration Office are the contact persons for the administrative processing of study and examination matters.

The Student Administration Office is responsible for basic procedures such as enrolment, re-registration/leave of absence from studies, and de-registration, as well as maintaining university statistics and processing guest student matters.

The Examinations Office assists the faculties’ examination boards in organising examinations for their degree programmes. It maintains records of all examination files, documenting completed examinations, failures, or withdrawals.

In addition, it manages tasks related to admission to module examinations and monitors progress in the study and examination regulations. An electronic Campus Management System (CMS) is used for this examination administration.

Lastly, details regarding the formal course of the degree programme are available in the respective study and examination regulations. Personalised study counselling is offered at the respective faculty.

University members can access additional information via the intranet (accesible only from the campus network or via VPN).

For assistance with the Campus Management System or questions regarding allocation of rights in examination matters, please contact Department III 3.