Psychology (BSc/MSc)

Faculty: Humanities and Social Sciences

Degrees: Bachelor of Science/Master of Science

Standard period of study: 7 trimesters for a bachelor’s degree + 5 trimesters for a master’s degree

Admission requirements:

  • General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur),
  • Successful completion of the officer examination,
  • Temporary-career enlistment for 13 years in the career of regimental officer.

Language of instruction: German

Start of programme: Beginning of October


As an empirical science, psychology is the study of human experience and behaviour with the aim of describing, explaining and predicting it systematically and comprehensively. Psychology students at Helmut Schmidt University (HSU) complete a modular bachelor’s programme as the basis for a consecutive master’s programme. Both programmes are intensive courses of study. Students can graduate with a bachelor of science degree after a maximum of three years and with a master of science degree after four years. The structure of the programmes is based on recommendations of the German Psychological Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie) and, in addition to providing fundamental training in psychology that covers a broad range of topics and methods, the programmes also allow students to deepen their studies and to focus on certain topics and methods (for instance further training and licensing as psychotherapeutic psychologists).

Programme Structure

The bachelor’s programme consists of a total of 23 modules in the subject of psychology. The programme comprises introductory and in-depth lectures, seminars and exercises in the fields of general psychology, industrial and organisational psychology, biological psychology and cognitive neurosciences, differential psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, psychological diagnostics, statistics and general and specific methodology.

In addition, students are required to complete three modules from the Interdisciplinary Courses on offer, two modules of a chosen subsidiary subject, an internship lasting several weeks and a complementary language training course. At the end of the bachelor’s programme, students are required to write a bachelor’s dissertation on a specialist topic from the field of psychology.

The master’s programme consists of 14 modules in psychology. The programme comprises lectures and advanced-level seminars on methodological topics such as individual and organisational diagnostics, testing and evaluation, multivariate statistics as well as various research-oriented seminars on specialist subjects. As the central component of the master’s programme, students choose two out of three specialist subjects oriented towards specific occupational fields: 1) Leadership and Human Factors, 2) Consulting and Intervention, 3) Judgement and Decision Making. Every subject consists of three consecutive modules, with each module building on the previous one.


Application forms are available at your nearest Bundeswehr careers information office. As a soldier, you have a lot of responsibility. Therefore, an in-depth counselling session will be held at the beginning of the application process. Contact information of Bundeswehr career advisors can be found online at Free hotline: 0800 9800880.

Advisory Services/Contact Information

Advisory services are provided by designated members of the academic staff of each faculty.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Philipp Y. Herzberg
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541–2845
E-mail: [email protected]

Students who wish to study at HSU as part of a cooperation agreement with an enterprise, foundation, agency or other partner institute, and soldiers who wish to study at HSU within the framework of Bundeswehr Vocational Advancement, are asked to contact University Marketing:

Astrid Strüßmann
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3855
E-Mail: [email protected]

Susanne Killus
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3652
E-Mail: [email protected]


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