Comparative Democracy Research (MA)

Faculty: Economic and Social Sciences

Degree: Master of Arts
Standard period of study: 5 trimesters for a master’s degree
Admission requirements: General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), higher-education degree that was obtained in a relevant bachelor programme in due time and with a grade of at least “good” (2.5) or—in case of intensive study programmes—”satisfactory” (3.0) ,,
successful completion of the officer examination, temporary-career enlistment for 13 years in the career of line officer.
Language of instruction: German
Beginning of the programme: beginning of October


The master’s programme Comparative Democracy Research deals with different theoretical and empirical aspects of democratic systems. Not all democracies are the same. The “rule of the people” varies greatly from country to country: Democracies can be parliamentary or presidential, majoritarian or consensus-oriented. Comparative Democracy Research takes a closer look at how democratically organised communities are structured, how they work, and how they develop. It provides students with theories and methods to empirically study and normatively evaluate democracies. The course modules deal amongst other things with the following issues: What makes democracy so successful? Why does it change? And what can cause it to fail? The political science components of the course are complemented by modules from the fields of law, public administration and sociology.


Application forms are available at your nearest Bundeswehr careers information office. As a soldier, you have a lot of responsibility. Therefore, an in-depth counselling session will be held at the beginning of the application process. Contact information of Bundeswehr career advisors can be found online at Free hotline: 0800 9800880.

Advisory Services/Contact Information

Advisory services are provided by designated members of the academic staff of each faculty.

Dean of Studies Dr. Annette Jünemann
Telephone: +49-(0)40 6541-2783
E-Mail: [email protected]

Students who wish to study at the HSU as part of a cooperation agreement with an enterprise, foundation, agency or other partner institute, and soldiers who wish to study at the HSU within the framework of Bundeswehr Vocational Advancement, are asked to contact University Marketing.

Astrid Strüßmann
Phone: +49 (0)40 6541-3855
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Susanne Killus
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