Alpha Battalion

Alpha Batallion, Student Body Regiment (German: Studierendenfachbereich – StudFBer A) is responsible for the officers and cadets studying Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Logistics, Civil Engineering, and Industrial Engineering. Its tasks include military education and training, care and assistance, and personnel work.

The Battalion‘s military training includes both theoretical and field training (e.g. weapons and combat training) as well as service branch information. Being an integral part of the university, the Battalion works closely with its academic counterpart, the faculties of mechanical engineering, computer-aided engineering, electrical engineering, and some parts of the economic and social science faculty.

The Commander is usually a navy commander (doubling as Senior Navy Officer on Campus) and responsible for guidance, discipline, and military training of all student officers and cadets serving under her command.

The Battalion consists of five companies, each commanded by an army or air force captain or a navy lieutenant.


Commander Alpha Battalion

Lieutenant Commander Inga Jappsen

Head of SFB Lt Cdr A Jappsen
+49 (0)40 6541-4100
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Building H04
Holstenhofweg 85
D-22043 Hamburg
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Student Body Regiment
A Battalion
Post Office Box 70 08 22
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