Alexia Hack, MSc

Alexia Anna Hack has been a research associate at the chair for sociology of the Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg since November 2021 and is participating at the sociological part of the project „Zusammenhalt durch Sicherheit? Diskurse, Interaktionen und Praktiken des europäischen Zusammenhaltes im Feld Sicherheit (ZUSE)“. In 2020, she acquired a Bachelor of Arts in History. During her undergraduate studies, she focussed on violent processes such as civil wars, revolutions, foreign counter-insurgency, and other social upheavals that took place during the second half of the 20th century, while often centering her research around ethnic minorities and gendered issues. The historical source analysis for her bachelor thesis about the Greek resistance movement and civil war party EAM-ELAS (1941-1949) was carried out by utilizing both her mother languages Greek and German. As part of her studies at Uniersity College London, where she graduated with an MSc in Security Studies, she drafted policy briefs for the disarmament of insurgents by UN peacekeeping missions, used quantitative methods to analyze the prevention of sexual violence during disarmament and security sector reform, investigated the historic context of the Geneva Conventions and its significance regarding the assignment of prisoner-of-war-status during the Iraq War, and ethical-legal approaches to “Clean Trade” and the so-called Resource Curse. For her master´s dissertation, she examined the effects of pre-existing social networks on genocide participation by evaluating qualitative data on Waffen-SS members who were engaged as guardsmen at the Auschwitz concentration camp complex.


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