Danniel Gobbi

Doctoral Research Assistant at the Chair for Political Science, in particular Political Theory

Gebäude H1, Room 1365
Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg

E-Mail: [email protected]



Danniel Gobbi is a research assistant at the Chair of Political Theory. Previously, he worked in the ERC-funded research project “Protest and Order. Democratic Theory, Contentious Politics and the Changing Shape of Western Democracy” (POWDER) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin. He holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Brasília and has worked at the Government Institute for Innovation (GNova) at the Brazilian National School of Public Administration (ENAP) and at the Ministry of Economy. He was also part of the research group “Rethinking State-Civil Society Relations” (RESOCIE) at the University of Brasília and previously worked as an international affairs advisor for the Presidential Office of the Brazilian Federal Republic.

Research Interests

Political theory, especially democratic theory

Identity formation, emotions and collectivities

Qualitative methods in the social sciences

Social movements and activism

Digitalisation, artificial intelligence, social media


Gobbi, D., Gorriahn, L., Staemmler, D., & Volk, C. (2022). Protest and the Democratic Order: A Research Perspective. Democratic Theory9(2), 1-10.

Dias, T., von Bülow, M., & Gobbi, D. (2021). Populist framing mechanisms and the rise of right-wing activism in Brazil. Latin American Politics and Society63(3), 69-92. 

Gobbi, Danniel. (2016). Identidade em ambiente virtual: Uma análise da rede Estudantes pela Liberdade. Universidade de Brasília


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