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The research focus of Prof. Dr. Mechtild Gomolla and her team – Dr. des. Aysun Doğmuş, Dr. Ellen Kollender, M.A. Lisa M. Rosen and Freya Carius – are issues of intercultural as well as historical and international comparative education research. In particular, we are engaged with the consequences of international migration and social dynamics of pluralisation, differentiation and transnationalisation of social relations – as well as how to deal with these societal changes – in public education.

In this context, we are interested, for example, in

  • manifestations of racism, right-wing extremism and discrimination in society and state (educational) institutions,
  • the role of the education system in the reproduction and modification of social inequality,
  • theories and concepts of education in and for the (post-)migration society,
  • anti-discrimination politics and policies, its implementation in educational organisations and discrimination-critical qualification and professionalisation of teachers and other educationists,
  • critique and further development of methodological and methodological approaches in intercultural and comparative educational research.

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