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The International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) is one of the most recognized conferences in AI research. Workshops provide a basis for discussion of specialized technical topics, an active exchange of ideas and community building. Interdisciplinary approaches in AI and Product Design have the potential for a major impact on the costs, on the quality and on the market success of products. The AI and Product Design program committee invites submissions of technical papers for the 2021 IJCAI workshop AI and Product Design to be held online as a virtual event. The AI and Product Design program committee welcomes papers on topics that are related but not limited to the following:

Interdisciplinary concepts for AI in product design
• Combining design with Machine Learning
• NLP and Transformers for using textual knowledge bases
• Distributed learning for distributed design processes
• Learning design rules from examples or predecessor products
• Grammars and functional networks for design
• Case-based Reasoning for design
• Symbolic reasoning in design
• Transfer learning between products for leveraging on design knowledge

Modeling & analysis in integrated system design
• Formal requirement for product design
• Functional modelling and optimization for product variants
• Design knowledge representation
• Digital Twins as a basis for AI and design
• Analysis and synthesis of product functions and costs
• AI for Software Design

Application problems in the design processes
• Configurable bill of material for smart product planning and early cost optimization
• Improving orders management for open variant configurations
• Context based autonomous actions for engineering workflow processes
• Co-designing analogous to co-programming
• Verification and validation using Software-in-the-loop approaches
• Configurable bill of materials for verification and validation

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Important Dates

Paper submission deadline: May 8th, 2021

Notification of acceptance: May 25th, 2021

Workshop: August 19, 2021 14:00 – 18:00 (UTC)

Submission Requirements:

Paper format: Papers submitted to the workshop must be formatted according to the IJCAI-21 guidelines ( Submissions must be self-contained. Authors are required to submit their electronic papers in PDF format. Submissions that violate the IJCAI-21 style (e.g., by decreasing margins or font sizes) may be rejected without review.

Paper length: Papers must be no longer than 7 pages in total: 5-6 pages for the body of the paper (including all figures/tables), plus up to 1 additional page with references that do not fit within the six body pages. Over-length papers will be rejected without review.

Supplementary material: Authors may submit supplementary material, such as appendices, proofs, derivations, data, or source code; all supplementary material must be attached to the paper in PDF format. Supplementary material should be material, created by the authors, that directly supports the submission content. Like submissions, supplementary material must be anonymized. Looking at supplementary material is at the discretion of the reviewers.

Anonymity: Reviewing for IJCAI-21 is double blind. As an author, you are responsible for anonymizing your submission. In particular, you should not include author names or affiliations in your submission, and you should avoid providing any other identifying information (even in the supplementary material). Acknowledgments of funding or assistance should also be omitted. When referring to one’s own work, use the third person, rather than the first person. For example, say “Previously, Zhou and Gini [8] have shown that…”, rather than “In our previous work [8], we have shown that…”. All identifying information can be added back to the final camera-ready version of accepted papers. Supplementary materials and code should also be anonymized (including, for instance, hardcoded paths or URLs that may give away login identifiers or institutions). Submissions that violate anonymity will be rejected without further review.

Dual submissions: The workshop will not accept any paper that, at the time of submission, is under review for, has already been published in, or has already been accepted for publication in a journal or another venue with formally published proceedings. (As a guideline, authors should regard publications with a DOI, ISBN, or ISSN as formal publications. Questions about submission eligibility should be referred to the workshop chair before the submission deadline.These restrictions do not apply to workshops and similar specialized presentations with a limited audience and without published proceedings.

Electronic Submission: Papers must be submitted using the AI and Product Design submission site


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