AAAI Workshop on AI Planning for Cyber-Physical Systems – CAIPI’24 – February 26, 2024, Vancouver, Canada

AI-Planning for real-world Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) is challenging. Planning algorithms must deal with high CPS complexities and large data quantities, all while maintaining their performance. Often, this overstrains conventional planning algorithms from individual research directions, such as symbolic or sub-symbolic planning.

The Workshop on AI Planning for Cyber-Physical Systems (CAIPI) at the AAAI’24 aims at soliciting discussion and collaboration between researchers on novel methods in AI-planning with a focus on applications in CPS.

Topics of the workshop are:

  • Novel applications of planning for CPS
  • Combinations of sub-symbolic and symbolic planning
  • Usage of Large Language Models (LLMs) for planning
  • Reinforcement / imitation / policy learning for decision-making in CPS
  • Automated generation of planning domain descriptions
  • Multi-objective decision-making
  • Reconfiguration of CPS as planning tasks
  • Knowledge representations, semantic methods and ontologies
  • Online planning after faults and disturbances

We are happy to announce that Johan De Kleer will hold a keynote at our workshop.

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Submission deadline: 15.12.2023

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