Welcome to RIPLib, the library with benchmark datasets and solution values for the multi-mode resource investment problem (MRIP). Note that we updated all benchmark instances with new instance properties in April 2019. We also provide novel best known solution values.

Multi-mode Resource Investment Problem (MRIP)

The MRIP is the multi-mode extension of the resource investment problem (RIP) which is also known as the resource availabilty cost problem (RACP). It is a project scheduling problem with the goal of minimizing the resource costs. The MRIP features renewable and non-renewable resources and a due date for the maximal project duration. Each activity can be processed in one of multiple modes that vary in duration and resource requirements. Precedence relations among the activities need to be considered.

Benchmark Datasets

For the single-mode case, benchmark instances are available here and here.
The RIPLib provides instances for projects with multiple modes for each activity. We created each instance using different parameters characterising the instance. A table with additional information about the instances can be accessed in the Download section. A paper describing the instance generation methodology as well as instance characteristics is available. The provided instances cover a broad range of different instance characteristics. Furthermore, none of the available modes can be excluded (i.e. no mode is dominated by another one and the duration of every mode is short enough to meet the due date constraint). For every instance exists at least one feasible solution.

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