Seminar Series: Computation & Data on Wed, 31.01.2024, 16:00-18:00


17. January 2024

Location: Mensa-Room 0001; digital participation (link shared via e-mail)

Volker Gravemeier: A Multiphysics Computational Method for Coupled Simulations of Tribological Systems

A novel multiphysics computational method for thermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication and results obtained from applying it to tribological systems will be presented. It enables detailed insights beyond the ones having been achievable to date. For such systems, it is typically both mandatory and challenging to consider all nonlinear effects of the physical fields as well as their mutual interactions. Only this way, it is ensured that one obtains reliable predictive simulation results eventually.

Jan L. Augustin: SmartShip: AI-Driven Maritime Rescue – Enhanced Readiness and Detection in Search Operations

The SmartShip project merges AI capabilities in two critical areas for maritime rescue. First, it employs an advanced multimodal camera system, utilizing deep learning for precise detection of boats and individuals in distress. Second, it integrates anomaly detection models analyzing sensor time-series data to ensure the constant readiness of rescue cruisers. This dual approach supports rapid deployment and efficient rescue operations, epitomizing the synergy of AI and maritime safety.