Seminar Series: Computation & Data on Wed, 13.12.2023, 16:00-18:00


17. October 2023

Valentina Pessina (UniBw M): Modeling Rarefied and Continuous High Angle-of-Attack Hypersonic. Reentry into Martian Atmosphere with Open-Source Software
Hypersonic reentry of the Viking capsule in the Martian atmosphere is the object of this study. During the descending trajectory (140 Km – 31 km), the flow regime changes from free-molecular to continuous. Hence, the drag and lift characterization require different computational methods:  the DSMC method for higher altitudes and the Navier-Stokes-based CFD for the final descend, with an overlap for the transition regime. The numerical results are compared to the actual flight data. 

Maximilian Maigler (UniBw M): Coupled PIC-DSMC and Molecular Dynamics Modeling of Radio-Frequency. Gridded Ion Thruster Erosion
The high Isp, wide thrust range and reliability make ion thrusters one of the standard electric propulsion devices for attitude and orbit raising maneuvers of satellites. Estimating their lifetime and performance is crucial for mission planning. The approach of employing coupled PIC-DSMC simulations to numerically evaluate these parameters are presented and comparisons with experimental data given. Promising results have been achieved, allowing the modification of certain geometrical and operational parameters to increase the lifetime of the thruster.