HPC Competences

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What is HPC?

HPC stands for High Performance Computing. It is about developing and improving compute- and data-intensive programs, so that they execute efficiently on computers, especially on supercomputers. HPC therefore strongly relates to (the development of novel, fast) computer architectures.

Self Perception

What is your self perception regarding HPC?

Interdisciplinary Users without an Affinity for Computer Science

  • Currently no affinity for computational processes
  • Writing only individual lines of code or having no experience with HPC, programming or optimizing software


  • Basic knowledge of computer science
  • Scientific questions which can be tackled through HPC
  • Writing parts of programmes, e.g. larger macros, scripts or interfaces for commercial software

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Advanced User

  • Intermediate knowledge of computer science
  • Advanced knowledge about software development, e.g. writing own programmes, having parts of these programmes parallelized (for execution on HPC systems)

Advanced Software Developer

  • Comprehensive knowledge of computer science
  • Parallelizing and optimizing software largely independently
  • Having detailed knowledge of job scheduling systems

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