Conference 17. – 19. November 2021: Discover – Survey – Order

In the long 19th century, the European sciences experienced their second revolution through both government-led and individual expeditions. The white spots of the earth were to be explored, all things foreign could be appropriated and categorized in the private studies and academies of Europe. Life on the peripheries was documented, evaluated, exploited. Languages, head forms, rituals, art, dances and much more had to be recorded, classified and catalogued. Entire disciplines formed and defined themselves around the urge to travel far away. Artifacts, illustrations, and adventure narratives offered self-perception for a European world in search of itself and its origins.  

In the contributions to this conference we take a comprehensive look at these tendencies. We ask about the way in which the world was surveyed and ordered by expeditions, and about the reasons why some expeditions were well received by the public and others did not. We will discuss the research for and establishment of colonies, their visualization and the related practices of power, as well as the differences to the expeditions of the early modern period.  

Three days we will follow the traces of a European movement into the world, which to this day shapes our ideas of scientific and non-European science. Welcome! 


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