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Material protection

Student officer candidates and officers do not have to rely on a monthly check from their parents, nor do they have to work a job on the side. They receive their salary (depending on age, rank and marital status) even during their studies.
Special conditions apply to civilian students. If the tuition fees are covered, e.g. by a company or a foundation, civilian students can also benefit from the particularly good conditions at HSU.


Students of the Bundeswehr do not need to spend time looking for a “student digs”. They live in comfortable dormitories directly on campus (Holstenhofweg) or in the nearby residential area of the university (Stoltenstraße).
On a residential level (that’s what our students call the hallway or floor they live on), there are usually only students of the same major, but from different years, so that the older students can support the younger students.
The campus is home to research and teaching facilities, as well as libraries, the dining hall, and athletic facilities. Doctors and dentists, a Protestant and a Catholic parish, even a hair salon are located here. This ensures short distances, saving a lot of time that can be used for more important things.

Small group concept

Studying in small groups is also an integral part of the ambitious study concept at a Bundeswehr University and contributes to the fact that the studies can be completed in the standard study time. Apart from the few lectures, most of the courses take place in groups of no more than 25 participants.

Above average equipment

In order for the trimester system to function and the tight standard period of study to be adhered to, particularly good staffing and material resources are indispensable.
The supervision ratio here is unusually good: there is one professor for every 25 students.

Quality assurance and development

Quality assurance processes that are firmly anchored in the central and decentralized bodies. The study programs are the responsibility of the faculties, which are thus also primarily responsible for quality assurance and development in study and teaching. They are supported by the study program representative. This is where all cross-faculty processes relating to studies are brought together.

ISC – Interdisciplinary study components

Interdisciplinary studies are also offered at public universities. There, the term “Studium generale” is used to describe what students can optionally study on the side. At HSU, however, the ISC minor is compulsory.


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