Our research interests and our expertise lie primarily in the fields of international economics (international trade & international finance) — and public choice & economic policy analysis in general.


Research projects currently under way focus, inter alia, on the following topics

  • The Impact of the Globalization of Markets and Technology (in particular Information & Communication Technologies in International Markets, Outsourcing & Offshoring, and Global Value Chains) on Manufacturing, Services, and Labor Markets (including Policy Implications and Options)
  • Domestic Interest Groups, International Trade Policy Conflicts and the World Trade System
  • Political Economy of International Negotiations and Diplomacy
  • Politico-economic Implications of Shifts in the World’s Economic Center of Gravity
  • Perceptions of Globalization and Subjective Well-Being: International Comparison & Analysis
  • Fiscal Policy and (Institutional) Safeguards in Open Economies

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