Welcome to the Chair of Thermodynamics

The Chair of Thermodynamics is responsible for teaching thermodynamics and heat transfer in the bachelor’s and master’s programs. In the master’s programs, lectures are offered for example in phase and reaction equilibria and in statistical thermodynamics. Advanced practical courses are available for speed-of-sound and phase-equilibrium measurements.

Research at the Chair of Thermodynamics is concerned with the highly accurate experimental measurement and ab initio modeling of thermophysical properties of fluids. The interplay between experiment and theory is a cornerstone of the research activities.

The laboratory equipment comprises, for example, an apparatus for precise speed-of-sound measurements of fluids under high pressure, an automated vibrating tube densimeter for determining liquid densities, a vibrating-wire viscometer for gases with an integrated densimeter, a vibrating-quartz viscometer for liquids, a capillary viscometer for liquids, as well as several high-performance computing servers for ab initio modeling.