EuroEM – Best student paper award



The BSPA is given to up to two outstanding papers whose first author is a student and granted based on a full paper submitted and presented in addition to the regularly extended abstract required for the conference. In what follows we describe the criteria and process for the election of the grantees.

The main author must be a full-time student (BSc, M.Sc., Ph.D. student) at the date of submission of the paper.
The paper must present original results.
The paper must not have been presented/submitted to another conference or journal (although we won’t ask for the copyright, they can submit the paper to another conference afterward).
The research must have been conducted by the main author while he was a student.

The author postulates its work to the BSPA at the moment of submitting the extended abstract through the online process.
The BSPA committee (BSPAC) will ask for full papers after selecting the best five extended abstracts.
The award(s) will be given during the plenary session of the conference (no more than two awards).


(until) mid-March 2020
Authors submit their extended abstract through the online submission system.

Mid-March 2020
The president of the BSPAC sends the postulated abstracts to the members of the BSPAC.

Mid March-Mid April 2020
The members of the BSPAC will select a maximum of five abstracts suggested by the evaluators.

Mid-April 2020
The president of the BSPAC will ask the selected authors to submit a full paper (8 pages maximum), presenting a comprehensive exposition of the work.  For papers not selected for further evaluation as the best student paper, the authors will be notified whether their abstract has been accepted for publication.

Mid-April – Mid June 2020
Selected authors will send their full papers to the President of the BSPAC.

Mid-June 2020
The president of the BPSAC sends the full papers to the members of the BSPAC.

Mid-June – Mid-August 2020
Each member of the BSPAC scores and evaluates the papers based on the evaluation guidelines of the BSPA, and sends the result to the president of the BSPAC.

(registration limit date)
All authors must register for the conference by this deadline date.  Non-registration and non-attendance at the conference will disqualify the extended paper from an award.

Mid-August 2020
The president of the BSPAC consolidates the scores sent by the BSPAC and coordinates with the conference chair the elaboration of the BSPA certificate.

24-28 August 2020
The award(s) is(are) presented at the banquet of the conference by the president of the BSPAC or a delegate.

Best Student Paper Award Committee
The BSPAC is composed of three members and one president.

President of the BSPAC: Nicolas Mora

Members of the BSPAC: three HPEM/EMP fellows




Award composition
Award certificate
Prize in cash: USD 500


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