Our main areas of research


  • Transformational and charismatic leadership
  • Implicit leadership theories (Romance of Leadership)
  • Influence of the employee personality
  • Intercultural Management
  • Destructive Leadership (Abusive Leadership)

Health promotion & leadership and health

  • Health-oriented Leadership: Health-oriented leadership in crisis situations, profiles of health-oriented leadership
  • Resource-based trainings (including mindfulness)
  • Evaluation of interventions using physiological data (i.e., heart rate variability)
  • Non-Response: Participation and non-participation in occupational health management (OHM)
  • Early detection of warning signals of employees with mental stress
  • Health Motivation
  • Digital leadership and health
  • Health in the context of homeoffice

Morale and welfare during military operations

  • Support during foreign assignments


  • In new forms of work (including temporary work)
  • Cultural influences on leadership and commitment (Germany – China)

Human Resources Development

  • Coaching and Training
  • Team development, outdoor trainings

Diagnostics and evaluation

  • Diagnostics (AC, interview, SJTs)
  • Organizational diagnostics (employee surveys)
  • Evaluation of education and training concepts and programmes
  • Leadership motivation

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