FSI-PfS-2a – turbulent FSI-Benchmark

  • 2D-deformation of a rubber plate (Para) with a steel weight in a turbulent flow behind a fixed rigid cylinder at Re = 30,400



material properties

  • fluid: water (temperature: 20°C, density: 998  kg/m³,dynamic viscosity: 10^-3 kg/m s)
  • structure: para-rubber (density: 1090 kg/m³, Young’s modulus: 3.25 MPa, Poisson’s ratio: 0.48) steel-weight (density: 7850 kg/m³, Young’s modulus: 210 GPa, Poisson’s ratio: 0.3)


  • Kalmbach, A. and Breuer, M., Experimental PIV/V3V measurements of vortex-induced fluid-structure interaction in turbulent flow. A new benchmark FSI-PfS-2a. J. of Fluids and Structures, vol. 42, pp. 369-387, (2013).
  • De Nayer, G. and Breuer, M., Numerical FSI Investigation based on LES: Flow past a cylinder with a flexible splitter plate involving large deformations (FSI-PfS-2a). Int. Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, vol. 50, pp. 300-315, (2014).
  • http://qnet-ercoftac.cfms.org.uk/w/index.php/UFR_2-14 Externer Link: http://qnet-ercoftac.cfms.org.uk/w/index.php/UFR_2-14 (http://qnet-ercoftac.cfms.org.uk/w/index.php/UFR_2-14)

available data

  • experimental structure deflections for different inflow velocities
  • experimental phase-averaged structure deflection
  • experimental phase-averaged 2D flow fields (PIV)
  • numerical phase-averaged flow fields and structure (LES)
  • numerical phase-averaged flow fields and structure (RANS)


  • high-speed 1sec@800Hz


  • phase-averaged flow fields (velocity magnitude) – PIV results

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