Interdisciplinary research project: Design of breakwaters

  • Development of a new reinforcing concept for the geometrically optimized breakwaters
  • Idealization of wave action by simulated equivalent loads
  • Design of steel/textile reinforced concrete structure with the help of nonlinear FE simulation
  • Development of production technology including 3D formwork
  • Production and execution of tests to verify the load-bearing capacity

Responsible: Yasar Hanifi Gedik

Reinforced concrete columns confined with carbon fiber-reinforced polymer

  • Numerical investigation of the influence of pre-loading on the confinement effectiveness of columns confined by CFRP
  • Modelling the lateral expansion of concrete passively confined by CFRP
  • Planning and execution of tests on columns with different preloads and with different numbers of CFRP-layers
  • Mechanical modelling the confinement effect based on the deformation compatibility between concrete and confining material

Responsible: Nima Kian

Minumum shear reinforcement of reinforced concrete members with various M/V-combinations

Stress in stirrups measured by fiberoptical sensors
  • Numerical investigation of the load-bearing behavior of shear-force-reinforced structural members with various M/V-combinations
  • Planning and execution of shear force tests on beams with low shear force reinforcement
  • Performing parameter studies using the validated numerical simulations to quantify the required shear reinforcement at different moments/shear force combinations
  • Derivation of formula for minimum shear force reinforcement for practical design

Responsible: Mostafa Yakubi

Shear and torsion behaviour of thin-walled, open sections made of reinforced and prestressed concrete

FE-modeling of a thin walled beam under torsion action
  • Analytical investigation of the force flow and load-bearing behavior of thin-walled, open sections under shear and torsional loads
  • Investigation of the force transmission at partially opened joints in precast construction
  • Conducting tests on thin-walled, open sections made of prestressed concrete
  • Development of design models

Responsible: Duy Hung Nguyen


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