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Motivated by research topics that arise from such applications as geothermal energy, groundwater contamination and remediation, subsurface carbon dioxide storage, and radioactive waste storage, we are interested in describing, understanding, and modelling multiphase flow and transport, geochemical, and microbial processes in porous and fractured media.

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16 September 2022: Congratulations to Po-Wei Huang on the successful defence of his PhD thesis “Reactive transport modeling at the pore scale and upscaling to the Darcy scale” at the Department of Earth Sciences, ETH Zurich.

Committee: Martin Saar (ETH Zurich), Rainer Helmig (U Stuttgart), and Anozie Ebigbo (HSU/UniBw H)

Po-Wei Huang

31 Maiy2022: Marking Diversity Day

Marking Diversity Day
Staff from the Chairs of Structural Concrete and Hydromechanics on Diversity Day 2022