Computational Material Design

The professorship focuses on high-performance materials and materials processing technologies. An integrated approach of computational and experimental methods is applied to accelerate the understanding of fundamental material effects on different scales. Goal is to facilitate the efficient translation into components with tailored functionalities for different applications (Transportation, Energy, Construction engineering, etc).

CMD belongs to the advanced materials cluster at HSU/UniBw H (materials and processing technology, mechanics, numerical mathematics, thermodynamics and molecular simulations), and closly interacts with the HPC- and Laser Technology professorships, to address general, fundamental scientific questions, as well as specific application problems, relevant to research partners in the metropolitan region, including the joint activities within the Hamburg Center for High Performance Materials on additive manufacturing, and within the cluster Hamburg Aviation.

Open positions:

Scientific staff: – upon request

Student assistants: – upon request


Studentische- / Bachelor- / Masterarbeiten:

State of the art work in the field of computer simulations on topics such as:

  • Mg Battery
  • Photo catalysis
  • Corrosion
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Microstructural design of metals
  • ….

are possible at any time.

If you are interested or if you need more information, please contact us directly.


Deputy professor:

Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Höche