Chair of Labor, Human Resources and Organization

Prof. Dr. Sven Hauff

In our teaching and research, we aim at a holistic understanding of human resource management (HRM). This includes the fundamental issue of the design of HRM and its effects on employees and organizational performance as well as the integration of HRM in the entire organization.

In our lectures and seminars we want to impart a broad knowledge and key qualifications so that our students can cope with professional everyday life. Through critical reflections we want to strengthen the ability to make sound judgements regarding HRM and organizational matters. Thereby, we put emphasis on theoretical foundation, practical relevance and interdisciplinarity.

A particular focus of our research activities are the determinants and effects of HRM systems as specific bundles or configurations of HRM practices. Thereby, the relationships between HRM and job quality and employee well-being (i.e. job satisfaction, physical and mental health) are of special interest, since the latter are crucial for employees’ engagement, performance and commitment. We also analyze how the impact of HRM depends on the institutional and cultural context.

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