M.Sc. Felix Eichas

Mitarbeiter Felix Eichas
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Building H1
Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg
Postal Address
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Signal Processing and Communications
Holstenhofweg 85
22043 Hamburg
  • Virtual analog modeling of analog reference devices using system identification techniques


Blockdiagram der Forschungsarbeit

  • The results of the 2017 guitar amp modeling project can be found here.


  • Digital Audio Signal Processing (D.A.S.P.) – Exercise, Lab Exercise
  • Information Technology Project – Lab Exercise
  • Communication Systems – Lab Exercise


Supervised Student Work:

  • A. Delcey – „Finite Impulse Response Filter Approximation: Low Delay IIR Filter Design Using Prony Method“
  •  P. P. Santhini – „Block Oriented Modeling of the Marshall JCM-900 Guitar Preamplifier“
  •  E. Gerat – „Virtual Analog Modeling of a UREI 1176LN Analog Dynamic Range Control System“
  •  J. Thomas – „Modeling of nonlinearities in audio circuits“
  •  P. Segovia – „Input/Output Measurements on Guitar Effect Devices for Classification“
  •  V. Kumar – „System Identification and Digital Modelin of Different Distortion Guitar Effect Pedals“
  •  M. Kruk – „Analysis of multi-core utilisation on embedded systems for low-latency audio applications“
  •  C. Castel – „Classification of Audio Systems via Input/Output Measurements“
  •  X. Grignon – „Identification and modeling of non-linear guitar effect circuits“
  •  C. V. Alonso – „System Identification & digital modeling of the MXR distortion+ Guitar Effect Pedal“



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