SLP Prüfungen und Wiederholungsprüfungen für Module

Eintragung in die Listen im Sprachenzentrum ab mitte März.

Bitte merken: keine Zulassung ohne Sprachenausweis (Gelbe Karte)


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  • Termine werden bekannt gegeben




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 s. Listen im Sprachenzentrum



In der vorlesungsfreien Zeit bieten wir folgende Intensivkurse an:

Modul 1a (Clegg)

Praktikum für Historiker 1a

(Clegg + Morel)

Summer School 1a (Clegg)

9. Juli – 27. Juli

9. Juli – 17. August


9. Juli – 10. August







Modul 1 (Biercamp)

Praktikum für Historiker 1

(Biercamp + Morel)

Summer School 1 (Morel)

9. Juli – 27. Juli

9. Juli – 27. Juli


9. Juli – 17. August







Modul 2a /2 (Montembault + Aubry)

Praktikum für Historiker 2a/2

(Morel + Montembault + Aubry)

Summer School 2a/2 (Montembault + Aubry)

3. September – 21. September


13. August – 21. September


20. August – 21. September








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Modul 1a (Calleja)

Summer School A1 (Laserna)

Modul 1 (Allende)

9. Juli – 27. Juli

20. August – 21. September

3. September – 21. September






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General English Topics (GET) (Hussey)

Business English Vantage (BEC) (Boyce)

General English Topics (GET) (Horwath)

09. Juli – 27. Juli

30. Juli – 17. August

03. September-21. September













Hier geht es zur Anmeldung

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 (OHG)

Banner SprachenzentrumAll staff and students of HSU are invited to take part in our 8th  English language quiz night.

15 teams of maximum 6 team members will be competing to answer 20 questions in various categories. Prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

Doors will open at 6 pm – those who wish to order food and drink can do so – and the quiz will begin at 7.30 pm.

If you are interested in participating you can register as an individual and be assigned to a team or you can register a team (maximum 6 players), in which case you should provide the name of the team as well as the team members’ names.

Questions & more information: Fabienne Biercamp

Deadline for registration of teams:  Thursday, 2 February 2018

RULEBritish flagS

  • All questions in English.
  • All answers in English.
  • Translator is available.
  • Dictionaries allowed but not encyclopedias.
  • All electronic devices forbidden.
  • Alcohol allowed.
  • No smoking.
  • All teams have to have a name and be registered.
  • Teams shall have a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 6.
  • There will be 20 questions.
  • 3 minutes maximum to ask and answer each question.
  • Answers have to be written on the printed answer sheet provided.
  • Answers must be legible.
  • Members of teams may confer with each other.
  • Members of teams can barter for answers with other teams but only for other answers not for money.
  • The showmaster’s decision is final.