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Crest Clearance - A Statistical Approach

Crest Clearance - A Statistical Approach

A. Kuhrt, H. Rothe

Vortrag bei:
NAAG LC/3 SG/2 Sharable Software Suite (S4) Project Reviews and Suite CCB Meeting
September 2006
Hamburg, GER

The need for a precise security testing on a defined level of confidence and tailored hit probability computation were the motivation to develop the technology outlined in this paper. The methods are based on trajectory calculation using a modified point mass model that considers drag, lift, Magnus, Coriolis, gravity and all atmospheric influences. The Gaussian law of the propagation of the stochastic error within a system of dependent and independent variables was used to generate a vector of standard deviations for all error afflicted parameters every integration time step. This approach leads to a flightpath dataset of the projectile, not only giving information about position and velocity, but also about the standard deviation of position and velocity. The check for a minimum height over ground or distance to no-fly zones is very easy and can be performed with a changing level of confidence throughout the trajectory. Hit probability calculation is done automatically and considers all current data influencing the projectile’s trajectory.

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