External doctoral candidates/habilitants

Vanessa Wirtz, M.Sc.

Title of the dissertation
Analysis of the purchase of luxury consumer goods – A comparative analysis of buyers of original and counterfeit branded handbags using the example of the Louis Vuitton brand

Daniel Eberhard, M.Sc.

Title of the dissertation
Purchase motivation of young German recreational athletes in the field of anabolic dietary supplements – an application of the Means-End Theory

Andrea Schlüschen, M.BA.

Title of the dissertation
The Effects of Celebrity Endorsement on Customer Engagement in Social Media

Marcel Schwarzenberger, M.Sc.

Title of the dissertation
Social Media Strategy in service, innovation & human resource management

Social media strategies in service companies – development and implementation using a social media scorecard in: Service Management and Social Media

Potentials, Strategies and Instruments Forum Service Management

Editors: Manfred Bruhn, Karsten Hadwich
ISBN: 978-3-658-01247-2 (Print) 978-3-658-01248-9 (Online)

Denis Hilger, M.Sc.

Jennifer Schietzel, M.A.


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