Northern Europe and the Great Powers in the First World War

PD Dr. Michael Jonas

Supported by the Swedish Literature Society in Finland and the Kaarlo and Irma Koskimies Foundation (University of Helsinki)

Duration: 2008-2019

The project explored the Northern European First World War experience in the larger international context of the war. It comprehensively surveyed the complex relationship between the belligerent great powers and Northern Europe’s neutral small states in times of crisis and war. The overreaching rationale drew upon three underlying conceptual fields: neutrality and international law, hegemony and great power politics as well as diplomacy and policy-making of small states in the international arena.

The project was part of the Nordic research network for the study of the First World War in ‘Norden’ (2008-2012), convened by Claes Ahlund. Its results have been published in a number of articles and formed the backbone of my ‘habilitation’ at Helmut-Schmidt-University in 2016 and the subsequent book “Scandinavia and the Great Powers in the First World War” (2019) in Bloomsbury’s series New Approaches to International History.


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