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HSU HH Page StructureTo navigate within any page, there are 3 possible positions to find continuative links:

Every page provides its navigation path, that is introduced with 'You are here:' (see #4 in figure).

Below the content you can see the author and the time when the content was last updated (see #5 in figure). It also provides a link to jump to the top of the page.

The university logo refers to the starting page of the Helmut Schmidt University (see #6 in figure).

If a link is followed by the icon Schlüsselsymbol: Seite ist zugriffsgeschützt you need an intranet account in order to access the referred page. The icon Symbol für einen externen Verweis in conjunction with a link means, that the link refers to an external page. The icon Symbol für Link wird in einem neuen Fenster geöffnet indicates that a new window will be opened to view the referred page.

The following keyboard shortcuts to frequently used links are generally implemented (exceptions are declared):

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