The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is responsible for the Bachelor study program “Electrical Engineering” and the master programs “Electrical Engineering”, “Renewable Energy and Smart Grids” , “Information Technology” and “Computer Science and Engineering”. Additionally, the faculty significantly contributes contents to the bachelor and master courses of business engineering. The department supports the junior scientific staff and its research activities by providing the opportunities for doctorate (dissertation) and post-doctorate qualifications (habilitation).

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is divided into 13 departments. Studying at the Helmut-Schmidt-University will prepare a future engineer for working in educational, research or industrial environments. With this in mind, students are offered a wide variety of courses and deep insight into specialist topics that will enable them to independently research a specific field of interest, detect problems and present suggestions for improvement. Courses at the Helmut-Schmidt-University are divided into trimesters. The standard period of study for the bachelor degree is 7 trimesters and for the master degree 5 trimesters in addition. Detailed information about the study are summarized in the study guide. The choice of subjects and lectures during the bachelor and master programs are mostly determined by the “Deutscher Fakultätentag” of which the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is a member. The department of Electrical Engineering of the Helmut-Schmidt-University provides a broad selection of independent research and development projects which guarantee an education on par with modern standards and expectations. All the results are published in scientific publications and books as well as presented at international scientific forums and conventions.




Letzte Änderung: 12. October 2018